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What makes a great sock? The No Smelly Feet Campaign! ©

Did you ever think you'd be reading about socks? These twin fabric thingies are curiously indispensable and there's more to them than most people ever care to imagine.

Piero Liventi Ladies Lounge Cotton Socks

Socks and You

When's the last time you took a trip only to notice you forgot your socks? Yeah, we know the drill. Driving around gas stations at 1 am inquiring for socks ain't fun. We then decide it may not be that bad having to wear smelly socks the next day for our business meeting, right? I brought these 3 books I'm pretty sure I won't even open; how did I forgot my socks?

Maybe it's time we show some love and consideration to our furry buddies. They are an essential accessory that accompany us to jog, work and keep us nice and warm in the cold!

Hopefully, they'll forgive us for all these years of neglect and abandonment. And yes, there's a bunch of them hidden somewhere in your dryer, I promise.

Go ahead. Redemption time. Stuff a bunch of them in all your travel bags, they'll always fit. (Who has time to read about Leadership Skills at Lake Tahoe anyway?)

Great socks are not just pretty

Having now been granted access to Sock Heaven (hey, isn't that my yoga sock I left at the park?). It's course 102 time.

We won't get into the different types of socks, and their construction. That's your own adventure to embark!

But, did you know that more than 90% of the socks available on-and-off-line are made from synthetic components? (Most sock brands use Acrylic or Polyester in 70-85% of their composition).

They'll probably tell you that synthetic materials are bright, beautiful and don't shrink!

The payoff?

You guessed it. Sweaty socks... and smelly feet!

The truth is they are extremely cheap to make! Yes, they may look great. Feel? Ehh, they are pretty close to the real thing, sort of.

Great socks are made from combed, pre-shrunk cotton. Cotton is natural and breathable by excellence. This goes for all your clothes. Years of technology have even been able to make the most amazing colors without hurting the environment.

Look for at least 70% cotton for best results. Ours are 85% : )

Thanks for reading!

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