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Every parent knows it's the little things that really make a difference when it comes to keeping kids content. And that's exactly what has made Liventi, Inc. a stand-out in the boutique baby/children's fashion space. The company's flagship line, Boogie Toes, has taken the children's clothing industry by storm with socks that are as adorable as they are wearable. In an array of great colors and complete with safe and securely attached little stuffed rattle toys, Boogie toes look great and stay put - all while entertaining kids who can't resist playing with their feet! Grippy soles are perfect for new crawlers/walkers and the gentle rattles let parents keep tabs on where young explorers go! Everything from puppies and kitties to tigers, bears, sharks and even sports mean children will demand Boogie Toes whenever it's time to put on socks!
Along with several lines of unique and beautifully crafted garments, Boogie Toes are the brainchild of Joe and Mercedes, a husband and wife team who started their own clothing factory in Venezuela 12 years ago. When their business was challenged under authoritarian rule, the couple and their children set out for better opportunities in America.
The journey to success would not be without challenges, but Joe and Mercedes persevered! They invested everything in their new little company and began selling in the United States in 2014 - first offering socks that had been popular with their South American customers. The duo did well, but they soon caught on to what people really loved and wanted to buy- insane cuteness! And so they tailored their socks to suit the market - working hard on just the right designs, colors and quality.
And thus, Boogie Toes was born and quickly took off. Today, the brand is a major hit with parents all over the country looking for quality items that are unique and lovable! At present, they're available in more than a thousand small stores and counting - the types of places savvy parents go to find treasures or select the perfect gift. Many of the company's best retail partners say they can't restock fast enough to keep up with demand. 
Joe and Mercedes are continuously expanding the Liventi line (stay tuned) Along with Boogie Toes, Liventi's gift lines are perfect for small mom/pop shops, sock kiosks, hospital gift shops, zoo gift shops, bookstores and more!
Liventi welcomes new connections with sales representatives and at trade shows where innovative children's products are featured.
Liventi Inc, as a company, initiated US distribution in 2014. However, it's an ongoing institution rooted in the tradition and experience of more than 40 years of our family-owned textile, clothing and hosiery manufacturing plants in Venezuela, and the Piero Liventi brand of original Italian clothing, designs and accessories.
Our ongoing family business is focused in satisfying higher standards in quality and design fitting today's market thirst for trend, innovation and beauty.
Today, we are proud to branch out further internationally, where we are delighted to spread imagination, fun and always: superior quality.
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